Joan Serra met PIM during the Fruit Logistica and explained he believed their Propak 12/2 scale weigher was not fast enough and also not accurate enough. Also Joan was suffering from serious overweight problems after changing weights.

PIM offered Joan to do a “Brain Transplant” and told him he could increase the capacity from ± 900 discharges per hour with 25kg into ± 1.300 discharge per hour and could realize a accuracy increase in overweight of less than 5 grams too much in a bag in average.

With the PIM “Brain Transplant” we realized a capacity increase of +40% said Joan. But, most important with the increased accuracy, we can put an extra ±20.000 kg potatoes in Bags each year! Within 1 year we have return on this investment according to Joan.

Also the installation and training went smooth. The PIM controls are intuitive and different programs can be made quick and easy. The PIM controls are self-learning which means within 10 discharges with a new (size) product, the renewed machine has found the ideal settings to be able to discharge the most accurate weights according to Joan.

Normally “Brain Transplants” are done on older machines which are executed with an older generation controls. When these weighers are well serviced, than with new PIM controls these “older” weighers will have a second and improved life. This helps produce packers to reduce their investments costs whilst being able to increase capacity and reduce costs on overweight. Moreover, PIM Machinery can support users of Propak machines with spare parts and service.

For more information and for inquiries for new machinery you can contact:

Jouke van der Meer 
+31 6 832 18 595