At PIM Machinery, we are also able to service other brands in order to optimize your service calls. PIM-Machinery provides turnkey solutions including project management which allows you to stay focused on your own business….

PIM-Machinery computer weighers have state of the art specially designed Multi Head Weigher controls. The machines are not equipped with a “standard” control, but with a specially designed “Formula 1” controls which makes the machines the most accurate available and NOT compromising speed. You will be surprised on pay-back time on your PIM-machinery computer weigher investment!

A computer weigher should be considered as the heart of a bagging line . It is where you start adding value. Our free advice: “If you have to compromise, do NOT compromise on the investment for an highly accurate and reliable weigher!”


PIM stands for no nonsense solutions in the weighing, bagging and palletizing of produce and industrial bulk items and has a reliable authorized worldwide dealer network. PIM machines are state of the art in mechatronics and technology, reliable and durable.