Bagging in single bags

The proven design of this machines stands for day in- day out reliable bagging of single bags, even in the toughest conditions. The machine is suitable for all kind of bag materials, like jute (hessian), net, poly woven and paper bags. The machine can be combined with all kind of automatic bag placing machines.
  • Versatile machine
  • Reliable
  • Quick adjustments possible
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Bagging in net bags (raschel) from the roll

PIM Machinery Roll Stock baggers are designed to produce fast and trouble free. The Full Automatic version will reduce your change over times and consequence costs when you often have to switch between different bag sizes. This will allow you also to take last moment and extra orders.
The machines have a large and moving filling orifice which guarantees fast and trouble free filling of bags, even with the largest products like root celery and large winter carrots.
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Big bag filling

Filling Tote Bags without getting frustrated! The PIM Machinery dual plateau Big Bag Filler combines a minimum product drop with a high performance where the fork lift truck driver can remain seated whilst removing the full bag from the machine.
  • Minimal product damage by automatic height control of lifting platforms,
  • Forklift driver can stay on his truck whilst removing full bags,
  • Suitable for several bag sizes,
  • Manual Top-off filling possible,
  • Different Big-Bags sizes can be used at random,
  • Straight and stable filled Tote-Bags. Two Tote-Bags fit beside each other in a trailer,
  • Continuous filling process. As soon as the first Tote-Bag is full, the PTBF-1 automatically changes to the next bag,
  • Built in square tubes for forklift moving
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