Thanks to the modular construction system, the Wibo palletizing machines from Kloppenburg can be arranged entirely according to the customer's wishes. They are compact and therefore also fit in small spaces. The machines are equipped with a touch screen and can be operated intuitively. Thanks to the use of frequency-controlled motors, the palletizers work shock-free and the bags are placed with care. At the request of the customer, the palletiser is integrated into the existing packaging line with custom feed belts.
  • Key features of each Wibo palletizer:
    • Easy to integrate into any packaging line
    • Takes up little space
    • Suitable for various pallet sizes (euros to port)
    • Suitable for bags, crates and boxes
    • 100 freely adjustable cartridges
    • Capacity 600 bags per hour (optional 900 for bags up to 10 kilos)
    • Easily adjust patterns via display
    • Prepared for later installation options
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