Weighing machines

PIM Multihead weighers have a short pay-back period, due to their high accuracy and high speed. The scales are available with 10-12 scales in line or 12-20 scales in duo-setup. From 10 scales you can weigh almost any loose bulk product with an accuracy of 5 grams (or better). By minimizing overweight, you quickly earn thousands to tens of thousands of euros per year. In some cases, you earn back the investment within a year. Due to the supply with conveyor belts instead of vibrating lanes, the chance of stagnation is minimal and you don't waste time cleaning.
All properties at a glance:
  • No compromise between speed and accuracy; the PIM weighers offer both.
  • 10 - 12 weighing buckets in line or 12 - 20 weighing buckets in a compact duo-setup.
  • Weigh to 5 grams from 10 scales.
  • Suitable for consumer packs (from 500 grams).
  • From 10 scales 25kg in 1 discharge.
  • The filling belts to the weighing buckets are self-learning and have a high capacity.
  • The machines are suitable for unwashed product; the filling belts are insensitive to dirt.
  • Suitable for round, square and long products.
  • The PIM weighing machines can be operated intuitively; you can easily change pre-programmed settings.
  • Suitable for small (e.g. stet onion) and large (e.g. celeriac) products.
  • Suitable for industrial products such as coal, briquettes, charcoal, etc.
  • Capacity depends on the chosen discharge system.
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