Automatic Rollstock Bagging & Sewing Machine

The automatic rollstock bagging & sewing machine provides a complete system for filling and closing bags by using high quality sewing equipment. The usage of a uniquely designed filling system makes the machine quick and reliable but also gentle while handling the product (even with bigger products). This automatic machine is designed with electrical controlled settings making it able to quickly switch between bag dimensions. This makes it perfect for fast paced and continuous packaging even with variable packaging in terms of weights and sizes.

Weighing range (Discharge units) ± 1100 kg
Power consumption ± 7 kW
Air consumption ± 25 l/min, 8 bar
Voltage 3x 400V/230V, -0- + ground, 50 Hz
3x 480/277V, -0- + ground, 60 Hz
Configurable Configurable Sewing-head
Options Along-moving side supports
Vibrating unit for better settlement
Sewing thread break-detection
Sewing needle break-detection
Lint break-detection
Broken bag detection
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